Sunday, 30 December 2007

Thong, thong, thong, thong...

And now for a free, friendly community announcement. Never forget to put sunscreen on your feet, unless you wish to obtain a really bad Hav tan like mine.

Breakfast of champions...

Had a leisurely stroll around Bondi Beach Markets this morning, hoping to be inspired. Unfortunately, saw nothing really outstanding.

Did find a cute vintage mustard yellow smock top for $20 and a sheer white lace blouse for $50, the later of which I will wear with my Alba Fan Club pale denim, high-waisted jeans tomorrow night. Actually I may not fit into them after sinking my teeth into the cheesy-toast goodness of what I ate at Jed's Cafe, post market hunt.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Staying sane...

Here's how I will survive the crazy week leading up to Christmas...
  • Making time to see friends, even though the pile of work on my desk just doesn't seem to shrink
  • Getting a good haircut...good hair equals one less thing to worry about
  • Hugs from the cat
  • Making Rocky Road
  • Gift wrapping purchases in our new black tissue, coloured satin ribbon combo - makes me smile
  • Watching mindless TV on youtube, like the latest ANTM
  • Fresh frangipani flowers on my desk
  • Eating old-skool After Dinner Mints...comforting childhood memories of corduroy, skivvies and intriguing adult laughter, late at night
  • Fresh fruit salad (must have exotic fruit), balances out chocolate indulgence
  • Wearing my lucky Poker Chip necklace by Trinket at all times
  • The soothing sounds of B-Flo live at Abbey Road
  • Creative outlet: winter shoot planning
  • Taking first dibs at new Milk and Honey stock
  • Practising what I preach and shopping online: here, here and here
  • Planning my next trip to the my to start visualising
  • Browsing in book stores, preferably Ariel, probably Borders
  • Losing myself in photographs by Michael E. Gordon and Alicia Bock
  • Speaking to my sisters on the phone
  • Reading other blogs - Hula Seventy always inspires
  • Having a laugh with Dan and Beth....a)when things go wrong b)over Beth's endless Borat and Will Ferrel impersonations c)when things go right
  • Sleep

Friday, 7 December 2007

Getting the shot...

On a shopalog shoot we take 100s of photos. This is all in the hope that amongst them will be the winners - shots that convey the mood we intended, show the clothes the best, and a certain something in the face of the model.

To illustrate this, Daniel has created a stop animation video of our "stealing light" photo shoot. Taken at night, the light was obviously tricky as we were trying to get it from sources like signs, street lamps and shop windows.

There was no problem with our model Ash, who pretty much nailed the vacant-cyborg face and whose pale porcelain skin jumped out from the dark surrounds. It rained. And I mean torrential rain. But then if this hadn't happened, we would not have stumbled across the crazy Japanese game arcade, nor would the asphalt on the road have reflected up that gorgeous glossy glow, giving us that much needed Blade Runner edge.

822 frames for 10 perfect shots.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

We are frantically trying to finish our Christmas and NYE shopalog, which is looking super hot. I called in a huge rack of samples (much to Daniel's dismay) which we have since shot on the lovely Manja and the original face of birdmotel, our sweet Louise. Can't wait for you all to see the results. We promise to work our butts off all weekend to make sure we deliver it to everyone's inbox early next week.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Killer Bronchitis

I was feeling a bit crook last week, so I rested Friday and on the weekend. Laying low. Then I went to the Killers concert on Sunday night. Well, what can I say? It was so unreal, just like I expected, and I screamed my lungs out – literally! As I now have full-blown bronchitis and feel like total death.

Do not regret it for a second though. We had pretty good seats, and even though I couldn’t quite make out Brandon’s face, just seeing him jump around the stage in those slim Dior pants and the little Western vest was enough to make me so happy.

My favourite song was Tranquilize, sung with Lou Reed on Sawdust, but live, it was just Brandon’s cool voice accompanied only with Dave on guitar. It was awesome because no one knew the song - everyone belted out all their other tunes at the tops of their voices - so in an auditorium of thousands of people, you could just sit, and listen and hang on every word. Wow.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Common Lily and Flowers

I have a big girl crush on Lily Allen. Love the fringe, and I think the 50s prom, green satin dress she wears in this clip with Common, is just gorgeous and suits her curves. She really does have Brandon. He is so dorky cute in the Fashion TV interview. Can't believe that it is only two weeks to go to the Killers concert in Sydney, so excited. And who knew Ronnie was starting a denim label...mmmm, maybe he should stock birdmotel!

Monday, 1 October 2007

What I am loving now...


Erin seen in UK Elle Decoration
I adore Erin's dreamy, pretty, little-girl-lost aesthetic. She has definitely become one of my favourite designers, and her latest collection at New York Fashion Week was so sweetly simple but ecletic. I love this washed silk dress the best: the slightly cropped blouson sleeves, the soft waist and the white 50s inspired geek-chic glasses!

Fetherston SS08 (image courtesy of


I can't get enough of big blocks of bright colours...and combining slightly off-key colours, like chartreuse with aquamarine, hot pink with watermelon, or violet with tangerine. I'm really excited about wearing in-your-face colour this summer, but even more excited that it will be sticking around as a major trend for winter next year.


I didn't particularly love Miranda July's feature film Me and You and Everyone We Know, but I totally dig her quirky, vintage geek-girl style. Plus, I loved this short film called Are You The Favourite Person of Anybody? written by her. So, when I heard she had written a collection of short stories called no one belongs here more than you, I thought it would be worth a read. So far it has made me sad, and also laugh out loud. Highly recommended.

I first saw the film clip for the song Lazy Eye by the Silversun Pickups about a month ago on Rage, and I just couldn't get the riff out of my head. Their whole CD is fab, so I was totally bummed I missed their gig here in Sydney.


Oh joy! Apparently I shrieked out loud when I saw the latest copy of Lula on the newsagent shelves yesterday. Stunning and inspirational as always, it heavily features one of my style icons Kirsten Dunst in some pretty amazing pictures.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Things are changing on the birdmotel website

Dan's just spent what seems like forever doing some work behind the scenes on the birdmotel website, and he's finally got it to a point where we could unleash it on the world.

Now to start with, it's not going to look like much other than a bit of a layout change to the home page, but in the coming month we will be adding Gift Certificates (finally), wish lists (that can be shared with friends via email), and an online returns and exchanges process.

Now for the the things that are already new:

* we've added a search feature, so whether you are looking for a particular product or are after something in a particular colour, it will be so much easier to find

* we have changed the check-out process to give you the option to register. This means you can just log-in on subsequent visits without re-entering your vitals. You will still be able to check-out without registering, but if you register you will get to use features like wish lists down the track, and we'll be able to provide you with a more personalised service

* you can now sort categories and brands by latest additions, price and product name

* we've added thumbnail images to our cart (shopping bag) page so you have a visual on what goodies you've got in there

* we've moved from US to Australian servers, so things like images should load faster for customers in Australia

* GST is now automatically removed for international customers upon check-out, so if you're outside Australia you can now shop for less

* we've simplified our shipping for international customers - all international orders will be sent by insured air mail.

Finally, you might have notice we've started using as our default address. We choose to do this so it is clear to customers that we're based in Australia. will still get you there, but you may want to update any bookmarks to pages deeper in our site.

After months of hard work, we are hoping the transition to the new servers will be smooth sailing, but please feel free to let us know if you have any difficulties.
We'd love to hear any feedback on these changes, and also input on other features you'd like to see included down the track.

Jo x

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Press Clippings

What's already in at birdmotel...

Piper Lane's Laced Up Top in white as seen in the
August edition of
Cosmopolitan. Looks awesome under a dress.

The Little Lady From Apple Snapple Top
as seen in
WHO Weekly. So cute, so delicious!

The Toucan Man Singlet by One Teaspoon as seen in
the July edition of Cleo
(top) and in the Sunday Magazine (bottom).
It landed at birdmotel yesterday, and
has already almost sold out!

A taste of goodies to come...

The Lizzy Loco Top by One Teaspoon. Due to
arrive into stock in August. So silky and glam.

Wrong Kind Of Girl Summer Jacket by Milk and
Honey. Due into stock late July. The ideal piece to
throw on over a dress in spring.

She's Not What She Seems Bloused Silk Cami
(bottom left) by Milk and Honey. The Massive
Peacock Bag (bottom right) by One Teaspoon.
Both due into stock late July.

Moon Safari Dress by Nookie. Due into stock in
October, will be one of the hottest party dresses
come summer!

Friday, 1 June 2007

In the swim...

Brigitte Bardot works a cotton bikini in "The Night Heaven Fell"

On the first day of winter, I do have to get serious about swimwear. I have so far seen every shape, size, colour and print imaginable, and I need to start locking away all my summer swim orders.

It has got me thinking about what the "real girl" actually wants and needs in a cossie. If you have the time, I’d love some feedback on what styles you like best.

Are you a bikini or a one-piece type of girl? Do you like a bandeau, halter neck or the more straightforward triangle shape for your bikini top? And on bottom it gets even more confusing; ranging from the everyday basic brief shape, tie-side with strings, the low-slung boy leg, or would you wear the really cut-away on the bum shape, like an Australian style Brazilian.

Then there is print or no print? Or is a plain colour always the winner?

I personally searched high and low for a black one-piece last year. It had to be halter neck, with a low V front sitting just about the navel, and a boy cut low leg. I had no luck at all! Good thing then that Tigerlily has one in this season’s range that is almost identical to that ideal I have been carrying around in my head for almost a year.

So guess I’m sorted…what do you guys want?

Jo xo

Press Clippings

Happy first day of winter everyone!

Here are some super cute shots of two key winter pieces...and the best news is, they are both on sale on the birdmotel website! Above is the navy jersey Trapeze Jacket by Tigerlily as featured in Shop Til You Drop magazine. Below is the pin-striped denim skirt called the Men At Work Pencil with Braces by Milk and Honey. I think it looks totally hot with that mega-bright skivvy.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

I *Heart* Nookie

Brooke and Nikki soak in the love...

Congrats to Brooke and Nikita from Nookie, who last night put on an awesome party and show to launch their Summer 2007/08 Collection. The young and the beautiful descended on The Ocean Room at Circular Quay, served by wait staff in cheeky “I *Heart* Nookie” tees.

Of course, even though I did manage to down a couple of alcoholic beverages, I was there for the fashion! Lots of metallic gold and silver in sci-fi shapes strutted out in the form of baby dolls, geo shaped tanks and high waisted micro-mini shirts. Really loved a pinstripe satin jumpsuit and a ruffle front gold and black Lurex mini dress – so sexy and so Nookie. There was also a richer, more sophisticated palette of tans, reds, oranges and navy. Still with a retro feel, but perhaps more 80s in vibe.

The amazing shoes in black, nude, tangerine and aqua worn by the models were supplied by Melissa. Made from flexible rubber, they are called the Ah Heel, and are designed by Alexandre Herchcovitch. What more can I say, other than I am lusting after them and need a pair now!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Press Clippings

Nookie Palladium Dress in New Woman Magazine

New Woman have shot several key trends lately, including chunky cardigans and 60s style. Whilst the shirt dress trend has been picked up on by Cleo magazine as their latest obsession. I think a shirt dress is one of those classic shapes and it is a style that will continue to be hot for summer.

One Teaspoon Garden Shirt Dress in Cleo

Little Lady Sunday Cardi and One Teaspoon
Chanelesque Cardi
in New Woman

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Piper Lane

The worst thing about this year’s fashion week was that Sydney turned up the heat on the catwalk. Literally! We were almost fainting in the Cargo Hall on Friday when we saw Piper Lane strut the runway, adorned with amazing Trinket jewellery.

I am so happy to have Piper Lane as the latest brand to hit the birdmotel. I think it is fresh, sweet, wearable and so affordable. I also had the pleasure of meeting the designer behind the label, Mary-Ann, in my showing and she was so relaxed, lovely and open.

Even though we only have one of her dresses on the site at the moment – it made the cover of the winter shop-a-log – expect more in the coming months. I have ordered quite a few items from her Fashion Week collection, including the most divine white dress pictured below. The good news is that it delivers in June/July, so not long to wait!

The sweetest lace dress, Piper Lane, Spring 07

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Sweet Bird of Youth - Milk and Honey Show

Milk and Honey's Gorgeous invite

Milk and Honey presented their summer range at Fashion Week this morning in a group show with Bec & Bridge, Maurie & Eve and Sewn. Their theme was “Sweet Bird of Youth”, starting with a sepia-toned short film about one’s first love and broken hearts.

The collection included sweet, soft colours – silver, lilacs, peaches, lemons and aqua - in geometric patterned silk tops and trapeze dresses, graphic silver, black and white checks and touches of 80s day-glo. The strongest pieces included an adorable blue 3/4 length play suit and a wisp of a simple white dress.

Can’t wait for my showing where I can get up close and touch the fabrics.

Ps - Also really liked Maurie & Eve’s effort. It had a cheeky relaxed vibe and loved the daring really retro wallpaper prints on leggings and low slung tanks.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Down on the Ranch…

Lou and Dan working it...

Been working round the clock on our winter shopalog, and it is slowly coming together. Shot our “knits” story with Louise in a little cabin backing onto the wilderness in the Blue Mountains on Monday. It was the sort of place where the only thing you can hear is birds and the wind. I know that sounds clichĂ©, but it’s true!

I am really happy with the results despite our shaky start. Both Lou and Dan were a little nervous about it, because the vision/vibe of this shoot was stuck in my head, and I just simply wasn’t able to verbalise it to either of them, until we arrived at our location.

All REALLY good though, the low light through the trees and the serene, slightly inquisitive look on Lou’s face, created the soft, dreamy effect I had in mind.

Take care,
Jo x

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The latest press...

Lately, there has been some really great magazine coverage of items in stock at I am loving Girlfriend magazine's "Prep Up" story in their May issue, featuring the Milk and Honey Bow Blouse and the cute Ben Sherman Cable Vest.

Also, looking quite sexy is the Little Lady Wrap Me Up dress in the April issue of Frankie.

And I think the Corset Denim Skirt from GRAB, here in the March edition of Cosmopolitan, looks perfect with that slim fitting shirt, elastic cinch belt and wedges. This skirt has attached braces, but I think it looks so much better without them. I recommend simply unpicking them, and I the skirt will sit better and become a more versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Take care,
Jo xo

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Hello and welcome to birdwire

Welcome to birdmotel’s birdwire blog, where I hope to offer you a glimpse behind the scenes, what I am loving/lusting after, the latest about from our labels, and what inspires me to create to the pages of our website.

Just had a fabulous long weekend of cruising bookshops and galleries, reading and hanging with friends. Only sat at my Apple once, which was hard, but also quite relaxing. A lot of chocolate and coffee was gobbled at various locations, like at the cosy cafĂ© at Berkelouw Books in Sydney’s Paddington.

Being a fan of Howard Arkley’s eyeball-burning neon paintings, Dan and I went to see an exhibition of his works at the Art Gallery of NSW. Would have made a cool location to shoot our day-glo story I have in the works for High Summer.

In the spirit, we also downed hyper-colour juices with our friends JM and Bill. Bill has started to make the greatest bangles out of vintage knitting needles! He is wearing a yellow one in the photo above. I was lucky enough to score one, it is amber coloured and I love it so much I had to take a pic to show you. Wonder if Bill would be into making some for birdmotel?

Well, better get my teeth stuck into finalising the winter shopalog shoots before the day slips away!

Take care,
Jo xo