Thursday, 12 July 2007

Press Clippings

What's already in at birdmotel...

Piper Lane's Laced Up Top in white as seen in the
August edition of
Cosmopolitan. Looks awesome under a dress.

The Little Lady From Apple Snapple Top
as seen in
WHO Weekly. So cute, so delicious!

The Toucan Man Singlet by One Teaspoon as seen in
the July edition of Cleo
(top) and in the Sunday Magazine (bottom).
It landed at birdmotel yesterday, and
has already almost sold out!

A taste of goodies to come...

The Lizzy Loco Top by One Teaspoon. Due to
arrive into stock in August. So silky and glam.

Wrong Kind Of Girl Summer Jacket by Milk and
Honey. Due into stock late July. The ideal piece to
throw on over a dress in spring.

She's Not What She Seems Bloused Silk Cami
(bottom left) by Milk and Honey. The Massive
Peacock Bag (bottom right) by One Teaspoon.
Both due into stock late July.

Moon Safari Dress by Nookie. Due into stock in
October, will be one of the hottest party dresses
come summer!