Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Down on the Ranch…

Lou and Dan working it...

Been working round the clock on our winter shopalog, and it is slowly coming together. Shot our “knits” story with Louise in a little cabin backing onto the wilderness in the Blue Mountains on Monday. It was the sort of place where the only thing you can hear is birds and the wind. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true!

I am really happy with the results despite our shaky start. Both Lou and Dan were a little nervous about it, because the vision/vibe of this shoot was stuck in my head, and I just simply wasn’t able to verbalise it to either of them, until we arrived at our location.

All REALLY good though, the low light through the trees and the serene, slightly inquisitive look on Lou’s face, created the soft, dreamy effect I had in mind.

Take care,
Jo x


Anonymous said...

Hey jo!

Loving the picture of the shoot! Look really cute in that little cabin there, makes the shoot look quite unique! Yay, trinket necklaces are back up, unforunately i've already ordered mine from trinket while it was out of stock! You should try ordering more of the range from trinket! It's all so cute!

Take care.


Irene said...

Can't wait for the new shop-a-log! I'm loving knits and cardi's at the moment and the more the merrier! I'd love to hear about the process you go through for planning the shoots as an aspiring photography/stylist myself.