Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Game Girl, French Vogue, May 2009

I have been meaning to post this piece of editorial for such a long time because I think it seriously is BEST swimwear shoot I have ever seen. Ever.

Starring the amazing Daria, it was styled by Emmanuelle Alt, with photography by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Aside from the roadside USA locations (my dream place to shoot), I love how each photo is captioned Daria Vs...whoever she is bashing up! Also love the cowboy boots and use of denim to tie all the pics together.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Let it snow...sequins, denim and leather.

French Vogue, May 2009.

I know, it's so hot, how can I possibly be even vaguely excited about winter?

Well, I am. Why? Because it's going to be about three key things - denim, sequins and leather. I adore these pics from French Vogue because they show that you just need a couple of key pieces - sequin jacket, distressed denim, chambray shirt, high-waisted leather skirt, heavy chain necklace (looks a lot like the Mezi one currently on birdmotel) - to mix to maximum effect.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Dree Hemingway...

British Vogue, July 2009, Dree Hemingway photographed by Lachlan Bailey.

I really believe that you just can't beat Breton stripes. Always chic, never out of style.

Sunday, 29 November 2009


Dakota Fanning photographed for Teen Vogue, Dec/Jan 2010

I am so in love with the Rodarte for Target leopard dress worked back with mixed metal jewels: crystal necklace, silver cuff and a thick chain bracelet in gold.

This shot was styled by Teen Vogue Fashion Editor, Havana Laffitte and photographed by Norman Jean Roy.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Are you ready to rock?

The three spring birdmotel shoots are coming together. Well the seeds for styling, location, models, make-up, hair, and photography are planted and are truly growing nicely. There are always anxious moments when I panic that the clothing and accessories that I carefully ordered 4-5 ago months ago will actually gel into some nice themes. It always works out, but I was born worried.

The clothes are starting to pour in and I have been creating mood boards with some of my favourite pics.

The first story is 80s rock. I am quite inspired by this shoot because I recently went to an 80s theme party as Slash, and ever since I have been strangely possessed by him. Bleached denim, leather, studs, short bodycon dresses, zippers, dark eyes, pale lips. Bring it on.

Pics: Knight Cat; Fashion Toast; A Perfect Guide; 4th & Bleeker; Vain & Vapid; Hedi Slimane.

And I think I'll watch this a few more times before the shoot!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Natalie by Annie...

Natalie Portman, this time by Annie Leibowitz.

I love the feeling here that Annie has captured 'a moment'. The green cast, the crinkled white blouse, Natalie's porcelain skin with red lips, makes it feel like a Pre-Raphaelite painting. Also love how she is emerging from the blackness of the camellia tree behind her, like it could engulf her. Brilliant.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Film Noir by Leibowitz...

I searched and searched for my favourite all time Annie Leibowitz shot, all to no avail. It is of Tom Cruise. I know. But it is the most amazing atmospheric photo of him walking in heavy rain, the kind that slants like a curtain billowing in the wind. The kind from old movies. He wears a dark blue suit with the collar up, his body is slouched but his eyes, his eyes are focused and piercing at the lens. And it is infused with green light that is in so many of Annie's shots.

I love that photo. It makes me so mad that I know that the large format slide is sitting in a photo agency in Sydney, and has been for so many years, and no one has published it here. If anyone owns the copy of Vanity Fair that appeared in the States, let me know!

So instead, here is her series of her photographs called 'Film Noir' featuring some of the biggest celebs in Hollywood. I also have a soft spot for these: the light, the sets, the drama. Brilliant.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Scarlett Johansson by Giles Bensimon...

The stunning Scarlett Johansson, again in US ELLE, and photographed by Giles Bensimon.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Celebrity Inspiration...

I have been planning sections for the birdmotel Spring Magazine this weekend, and with the weather being so miserable, I turned to one of my all time favourite celebrity fashion shoots for happy inspiration. The shoot I am refering to appeared in the December 2004 issue of US Elle, and featured the divine Natalie Portman.

Now, singling this out as one of my favourite celebrity shoots of all time is a big call for me because my mind holds many in high esteem. Namely because I spent some years working at Celebrity Photo Agency, where I was exposed to and placed the work of the best portrait [celebrity] photographers in the world, like Annie Leibowitz and Greg Gorman. Watching their work roll in each month was always a joy, and there was a lot to love.

This story in ELLE, was photographed by the talented Giles Bensimon. It is the saturated colour of the location, the beachy clothing and in particular the amazing jewellery that drips around Natalie's neck in every frame, that still, five years on, I just adore.

This shoot makes me happy because Natalie is such a natural beauty and well, because truth be known and I will admit it even though it is not fashionable...I love clear bright colour. The type of colour that speaks of tropical beaches, exotic flowers and fruity cocktails.

I will post more celebrity pics that inspire me this week...stay tuned.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Kate Moss...

Kate Moss, Harper's Bazaar USA, Dec 1999

Monday, 18 May 2009

Natalie Wood...

Natalie Wood, the designer of Something Else, on the Selby. With a look inside her apartment and a sneek peek inside the Summer 09 lookbook...

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Harper's Bazaar in the late 90s...

'Surf Report' by Mario Testino, Harper's Bazaar USA, April 1996.

Spent a couple of hours flicking through my collection of US Harper's Bazaar magazines last night. My collection starts in 1994 and ends in 2000, spanning the time Liz Tilberis is credited to turning it around into one of the most influential fashion mags in the world. Of course I also own every issue of British Vogue Liz edited from 88-91...having carted them around like my treasure, breaking my back everytime we move...but I'll revisit those another time.

Every editorial is stunningly shot by countless well-known photographers and styled to perfection largely by SaraJane Hoare, Tonne Goodman, Elissa Santisi and Melanie Ward.

I hope to post some shoots that still to this day re-ignite my love of fashion and that get my creative mind ticking at warp speed.

The shoot above of Kate Moss is titled 'Surf Report' from the April 1996 issue. Photographed by Mario Testino, Kate forever the chameleon, simply radiates from every page as the Californian beach babe. I know that birdmotel has moved on from its original beach-girl roots (which sometimes makes me sad), but if I found the time and money to create another swimwear/surf store, I'd use these pics as the starting point for sure.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Winter Shopalog Inspiration...

Photo Credits: French Vogue, Fake Mag, Tom Ford

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

New Sophomore...

Great new Spring 2009 collection pics from the awesome Cass Bird.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Autumn Birdmotel Shopalog...

Well it's been up for a couple days and the response has been great. Thanks for everyone who has emailed to let me know how much they love it.

Check it out:

Friday, 13 February 2009

What I love about Stevie Nick's Style:
  • Dramatic, floaty layers
  • Crochet and lace
  • Thin neck scarves
  • Full sleeves, often cuffed to define volume
  • Hats: top hat, bowler, knitted beret, velvet slouch
  • Knee high boots with block heels
  • Tunic tops belted at the waist
  • White, peach, charcoal, black
  • Frizzy hair, not straight, not curly (makes me feel better)
  • Tamborines and her voice

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Jean Shrimpton

What I love about Jean Shrimpton's Style:
  • Dared to bare her knees at the Melbourne Cup in 1965
  • Amazing brooches strategically highlighting cleavage
  • T-bar sandals
  • Structured leather handbags
  • Dirndl skirts
  • Shift dresses for day and night
  • Suede trench coats
  • Heavy made-up eyes
  • Ballet flats with a pointed toe
  • A man's wristwatch
  • An intriguing mix of innocent gamine with swinging 60s sexiness

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Francoise Hardy

What I love about Francoise Hardy's style:
  • She can play the guitar
  • Neutral palette: black, grey, white, navy, tan
  • Motorcycle leather
  • Parisian stripes
  • Oversized white frames
  • Wool capes
  • Black chiffon sleeves on body hugging knits
  • Crazy space-like metallic outfits
  • Man style watch
  • Feline features - high cheekbones & almond eyes
  • Washed out denim, or white
  • Little fitted short sleeve sweaters, so cute
  • Flat boots, knee high with A-line minis or ankle length with stovepipe pants

Monday, 9 February 2009

Jane Birkin

What I love about Jane Birkin's style:
  • The blunt, heavy fringe
  • High waisted denim rolled open
  • Body hugging sheer knit dresses with short A line hems
  • Sweet broderie anglaise lace blouses
  • Sheer fitted tees
  • Trench coats that saucily hit the top of the thigh
  • Mary-Jane shoes with square toes
  • Wicker baskets as handbags
  • A-line mini skirts and tailored high waist shorts
  • No-one pulls off off a slinky crochet dress with just a pair of knickers underneath like Jane.
  • She has two daughters - Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsborough - both whose style I adore.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Do the Jane Fonda...

Jane Fonda

Had a gorgeous weekend that has basically consisted of shopping and beach walking. Mariam and I indulged in a bit of vintage scouring, and managed to score some pieces for the upcoming birdmotel Autumn shoots and for myself - more on that later.

Then in Dolly Up on Cleveland, I found myself totally drawn to a photo of Jane Fonda.

And it got me thinking about icons, old and new, and just how much I actually enjoyed my first job as a photo researcher at the celebrity photo agency. Being paid to look at pictures of beautiful people all day was my idea of bliss back then - and well, I had my favourites. Everyone knew that the Kate Moss folder had permanent residence on my desk, and never made it back into the filing cabinet!

So this week, I am going to post about woman whose heyday were in 60s and 70s, and who continue to inspire choices I make about clothing and photography today.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Through the looking glass...

Why is that when shopping for a new a pair of sunglasses, the first pair you try on is always the best? But you still spend the next 3 hours trying on every other pair, just to be sure.

Welcome to my life, red hot Burberry specs, it would seem that we were destined to be together.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Shiny happy or is that unhappy people?

The Youth by MGMT show how much fun sparkle can be!

Every winter 09 range I looked at had something sequinned featured, whether it was just a trim or a full spangly dress. But I guess the old saying ‘once bitten, twice shy’ applies to me as a buyer.

You see last winter I ordered a few sequinned pieces for sale on birdmotel, and no one was interested. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because most of the pieces, even the full on silver sequinned dress by One Teaspoon, was designed for day wear.

Confusing, and honestly, who in their right mind would feel comfortable walking down the street wearing that dress in the middle of the day in Australia, blingin’ away. Not many I’d think, no matter how cool you were.

So again, faced with shiny cardigans, jumpers, dresses, skirts, and harem pants, I said ‘no thanks’.

It will be interesting to watch and see if it is picked up by the masses this time around.

It'll be a shame if it isn't, because a little bit of sparkle can be so much fun.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

APC Summer 09

APC Summer 09

Delicious new looks from APC have me lusting after the basics: a black blazer, a classic camel trench, and a plain 70s pocket dress. Love!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Bargain Buy

Black faceted and diamonte ring from Diva, $3!!

I am not really a ring person, but I think I may finally get into them this coming winter. I plan to pile on some extra chunky pieces like this one from Diva. A girl needs to add a bit of bling every now and then, even though she may end up looking like Karl Lagerfeld!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Is that snow I see...no...it's just a mirage.

I was seriously struggling to get into winter mode, what with the sweltering heat in the Sydney this week. But I can't ignore it any longer as there are birdmotel winter shoots to complete and stock about to arrive at any moment.

But after spending a solid day yesterday compiling mood boards for the shopalog, and then piecing together outfit ideas from the many clothing and accessory items that we have ordered, I am getting quite excited! There is a lot to like, and a few new designers too, which is great.

I also trawled international online boutiques last night and fell in love with quite a lot. Below is just a small selection of things I want and am inspired by. May have to get a friend to go into Urban Outfitters for me though - hello JM and Bill - as they still don't ship to Australia. What's with that!

Easy tee dress (top) and black lace leggings from Urban Outfitters (bottom)

Cut-Out Bootie from Urban Outfitters and Fringed Shoe Boot from Topshop.

Camera Pendant from The French Factory.

Black Fleece Cape from American Apparel.

Printed and lace tights from Lovecolour-Lovetights.