Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Hello and welcome to birdwire

Welcome to birdmotel’s birdwire blog, where I hope to offer you a glimpse behind the scenes, what I am loving/lusting after, the latest about from our labels, and what inspires me to create to the pages of our website.

Just had a fabulous long weekend of cruising bookshops and galleries, reading and hanging with friends. Only sat at my Apple once, which was hard, but also quite relaxing. A lot of chocolate and coffee was gobbled at various locations, like at the cosy cafĂ© at Berkelouw Books in Sydney’s Paddington.

Being a fan of Howard Arkley’s eyeball-burning neon paintings, Dan and I went to see an exhibition of his works at the Art Gallery of NSW. Would have made a cool location to shoot our day-glo story I have in the works for High Summer.

In the spirit, we also downed hyper-colour juices with our friends JM and Bill. Bill has started to make the greatest bangles out of vintage knitting needles! He is wearing a yellow one in the photo above. I was lucky enough to score one, it is amber coloured and I love it so much I had to take a pic to show you. Wonder if Bill would be into making some for birdmotel?

Well, better get my teeth stuck into finalising the winter shopalog shoots before the day slips away!

Take care,
Jo xo

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,

Wow, that bangle looks really amazing~! Bill should really make them for birdmotel! They look extremely unique and versatile! :D I'd definitely buy one! Loving birdmotel!

Leanna xox.