Tuesday, 15 November 2011

House of Wilde by Alice McCall

The idea that there is "magic" in all the details, is the fundamental building block behind House of Wilde. It's the labour of love that goes into the handcrafted pieces, that gives each garment its unique charm. Like a magpie to a piece of silver, the embellishment and hand crafted elements draws you in, leaving you wanting to adorn the garment with love and pride. The garments are more crafty than perfect, they are the anti thesis of mass production clothes that now seem to have a synthetic, perfect feel, loveless in a sense.

"Love letters on the Rocks" plays with the notion of "The Flinstones" for this debut range, this range is a good tasting plate for what's to come. Blown up ikats and batiks, baby doll shapes, crochet panelling and bone and night sequins all come together to make this range. It has a naivety and a relaxed edge, but is still very cool, and oh so wearable!

The palate is controlled and easy on the eye, bone, navy's, peaches and blushes come together in effortlessness, it's the right balance of pretty and cool, night and day, stay in....or go out and play!
(written by Alice McCall)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What happened to my Prada Sunnies?

I know so many people that own designer sunglasses, whether they are your classic Prada, Gucci or Chloe specs.  But why time and time again do i reach for my $40 sunglasses and my Prada's just gather dust and finger prints?
The new Perv range answers that very question.  They're fun, bright, fashion forward and you don't need to stress out when they fall off the dash when you drive around a sharp corner or get lost in the bottom of your Mary Poppins style handbag! Our new Perv glasses are all so different that i couldn't stop at one!