Sunday, 10 February 2008

Bargain Buy

Vintage floral dress from Afro Funk

I have been searching for the perfect floral dress for awhile now, but you know, a good one is really, really hard to find. They are either too boring, too liberty, the wrong type of fabric, or totally the wrong shape for my body.

So when I tried this one on in Afro Funk I was in love. The colour is perfect for Autumn, the shape suits me and doesn't swamp my petite frame, plus the floral pattern is pretty without being kitsch. And the best bit, it was only $89.

Can't wait to team it with a heather coloured fine wool turtleneck underneath, a chunky cream beanie hat and tan brown vintage boots.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Feist and Patrick at it again...

The cute stripey tee and the red glove combination just rocks. Love the blue, white and red barrels. Love that it is so dark that you can only just make her out as she twirls and darts. Love that fringe still. I also dig how you can hear her hand clap towards the end of the clip - that's real cool.

Daughter's uses the one long shot to perfection yet again. You just have to wonder if they had to do more than one take with all those fireworks? If you want to watch a better quality version of this clip, visit