Friday, 1 June 2007

In the swim...

Brigitte Bardot works a cotton bikini in "The Night Heaven Fell"

On the first day of winter, I do have to get serious about swimwear. I have so far seen every shape, size, colour and print imaginable, and I need to start locking away all my summer swim orders.

It has got me thinking about what the "real girl" actually wants and needs in a cossie. If you have the time, I’d love some feedback on what styles you like best.

Are you a bikini or a one-piece type of girl? Do you like a bandeau, halter neck or the more straightforward triangle shape for your bikini top? And on bottom it gets even more confusing; ranging from the everyday basic brief shape, tie-side with strings, the low-slung boy leg, or would you wear the really cut-away on the bum shape, like an Australian style Brazilian.

Then there is print or no print? Or is a plain colour always the winner?

I personally searched high and low for a black one-piece last year. It had to be halter neck, with a low V front sitting just about the navel, and a boy cut low leg. I had no luck at all! Good thing then that Tigerlily has one in this season’s range that is almost identical to that ideal I have been carrying around in my head for almost a year.

So guess I’m sorted…what do you guys want?

Jo xo


Anonymous said...

personally i prefer a bikini over a one piece. i like triangle tops and don't like the briefs too brief... i'm really excited you're getting tigerlily this summer... love their catalogs!

loving the blog too btw!

universe93 said...

Personally, I really love these kinds of one-pieces:

A bandeau one piece with halter straps. Anything like that is awesome and looks good on me - I'm pretty modest so a bkini isn't my thing.

As for patterns VS one colour - one colour is simple and will suit a lot of people, but patterns can look awesome. It just needs to be a simple pattern! I hate when everything is flamboyant and bright and swirly and intricate, pattern wise, but I understand other people like that.

My 2 cents!

Irene said...

I loved the crazy cut-out one pieces that insight did last summer and I'd love to see some more of that. Otherwise as long as it's not that horrible brazillian cut on the briefs that every swim-suit seemed to have last summer, i'd like to leave something to the imagination!

Anonymous said...

I like abit of everything, im constantly changing my mind about swimmers. But there is one constant requirment, they have to be surf friendly, dont want to suprise other swimmers after a big wave goes by. I found last year the boy leg brief or wide band bottoms were every where, i couldnt find simple brief bottoms that would suit my wide hips.
As for top, as long as they arent the moveable ones their fine. And prints and colour are always great, i love being able to mix and match different swimmers. I always end up buying 3 pairs so i can change it around.