Friday, 13 February 2009

What I love about Stevie Nick's Style:
  • Dramatic, floaty layers
  • Crochet and lace
  • Thin neck scarves
  • Full sleeves, often cuffed to define volume
  • Hats: top hat, bowler, knitted beret, velvet slouch
  • Knee high boots with block heels
  • Tunic tops belted at the waist
  • White, peach, charcoal, black
  • Frizzy hair, not straight, not curly (makes me feel better)
  • Tamborines and her voice

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Jean Shrimpton

What I love about Jean Shrimpton's Style:
  • Dared to bare her knees at the Melbourne Cup in 1965
  • Amazing brooches strategically highlighting cleavage
  • T-bar sandals
  • Structured leather handbags
  • Dirndl skirts
  • Shift dresses for day and night
  • Suede trench coats
  • Heavy made-up eyes
  • Ballet flats with a pointed toe
  • A man's wristwatch
  • An intriguing mix of innocent gamine with swinging 60s sexiness

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Francoise Hardy

What I love about Francoise Hardy's style:
  • She can play the guitar
  • Neutral palette: black, grey, white, navy, tan
  • Motorcycle leather
  • Parisian stripes
  • Oversized white frames
  • Wool capes
  • Black chiffon sleeves on body hugging knits
  • Crazy space-like metallic outfits
  • Man style watch
  • Feline features - high cheekbones & almond eyes
  • Washed out denim, or white
  • Little fitted short sleeve sweaters, so cute
  • Flat boots, knee high with A-line minis or ankle length with stovepipe pants

Monday, 9 February 2009

Jane Birkin

What I love about Jane Birkin's style:
  • The blunt, heavy fringe
  • High waisted denim rolled open
  • Body hugging sheer knit dresses with short A line hems
  • Sweet broderie anglaise lace blouses
  • Sheer fitted tees
  • Trench coats that saucily hit the top of the thigh
  • Mary-Jane shoes with square toes
  • Wicker baskets as handbags
  • A-line mini skirts and tailored high waist shorts
  • No-one pulls off off a slinky crochet dress with just a pair of knickers underneath like Jane.
  • She has two daughters - Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsborough - both whose style I adore.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Do the Jane Fonda...

Jane Fonda

Had a gorgeous weekend that has basically consisted of shopping and beach walking. Mariam and I indulged in a bit of vintage scouring, and managed to score some pieces for the upcoming birdmotel Autumn shoots and for myself - more on that later.

Then in Dolly Up on Cleveland, I found myself totally drawn to a photo of Jane Fonda.

And it got me thinking about icons, old and new, and just how much I actually enjoyed my first job as a photo researcher at the celebrity photo agency. Being paid to look at pictures of beautiful people all day was my idea of bliss back then - and well, I had my favourites. Everyone knew that the Kate Moss folder had permanent residence on my desk, and never made it back into the filing cabinet!

So this week, I am going to post about woman whose heyday were in 60s and 70s, and who continue to inspire choices I make about clothing and photography today.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Through the looking glass...

Why is that when shopping for a new a pair of sunglasses, the first pair you try on is always the best? But you still spend the next 3 hours trying on every other pair, just to be sure.

Welcome to my life, red hot Burberry specs, it would seem that we were destined to be together.