Saturday, 18 July 2009

Are you ready to rock?

The three spring birdmotel shoots are coming together. Well the seeds for styling, location, models, make-up, hair, and photography are planted and are truly growing nicely. There are always anxious moments when I panic that the clothing and accessories that I carefully ordered 4-5 ago months ago will actually gel into some nice themes. It always works out, but I was born worried.

The clothes are starting to pour in and I have been creating mood boards with some of my favourite pics.

The first story is 80s rock. I am quite inspired by this shoot because I recently went to an 80s theme party as Slash, and ever since I have been strangely possessed by him. Bleached denim, leather, studs, short bodycon dresses, zippers, dark eyes, pale lips. Bring it on.

Pics: Knight Cat; Fashion Toast; A Perfect Guide; 4th & Bleeker; Vain & Vapid; Hedi Slimane.

And I think I'll watch this a few more times before the shoot!