Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Perfect Beach Bag from Tigerlily but now the question.......

We have the perfect beach bag with the Zotikos Beach Bag from Tigerlily!
Now the only question is...
Where should we take it to?

The Whitsundays?

The Maldives?

Or the Seychelles?

Thursday, 18 September 2014

NEED IT NOW La Palomo Kimono

All the incredible Cherry Blossums are in bloom around Sydney which means Spring is here!  
Check out this perfect Spring piece from Tigerlily - the La Paloma Kimono!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I WANT IT NOW: Statement Pants

PARK LIFE: Current obsession - The Olive Parker

Here are just a few reasons you NEED this 

Tigerlily Padrig Parker in your life!

So our current obsession might be a little more on the unhealthy side but we CANT LIVE WITHOUT an olive parker in our life right now!  Luckily for us this Padrig Parker by Tigerlily is PERFECTION!
Soft and lightweight but still warm, chunky and tough but with a feminine pull in waist so you don't feel like you've just joined the army, and with signature Tigerlily details like contrasting red zipper tape...
we're so in love!
Grab your Tigerlily Padrig Parker here and be inspired by our pic of the best parker looks below...

The perfect Padrig Parker...

  Our favourite looks featuring an olive parker....                     

Monday, 19 May 2014

Tigerlily Rug Cardi in stock at Birdmotel - don't miss out this year!

Tigerlily Rug Cardi3 little words that mean so much!  

Tigerlily's Rassamun Rug Cardi sold out in record time last year so don't miss out this year!  Check out the two we have in stock now at 

The Ariege Grecian Rug Cardi is inspired by Turkish Carpets and is a gorgeous blend of green and blue hues.

Tigerlily's Victoire Rug Cardi is inspired by Persian Rugs and features a beautiful range of purples, burgundy and bronze.

They will sell out again this year so don't leave it too late!  Snap up your Tigerlily Rug Cardi now before they're gone!