Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Could this dress be the most versatile dress ever?

The Odyssey Dress by Paint It Red (also available in off white!)

Here are some outfit ideas to inspire you but you know our golden rule - if you love it, wear it!  So with this dress, your only limitations are your imagination!

What would you wear it with?

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I Love Wildfox

Hi beautiful, today I am going to give you all the reasons why

I Love Wildfox !

1) The story....
Every range from Wildfox is lovingly created around an entire narrative including that not only inspires the designs, but includes the models chosen (muses), the campaign images, and the overall look and feel of the collection.

Check out pieces of 'Daisy Girls' and 'Angels Off Duty' here and you'll see what I mean!

2) The Comfort
It's hard to explain but once you wear a Wildfox tee, baggy beach jumper or swimsuit you'll know...and you'll be addicted for life!  There is something so unbelievably soft about their fabrics, it's like slipping on your boyfriends vintage Tshirt - but in a super pretty design!

3) The Mix
Few designers combine both cute and sexy so well.  Wildfox always include an element of cheek to their designs, so they're not only pretty, but also give you that little bounce in your step when you know you look hawt!

4) The Creative Director
Kimberly Gordon, one of the two Wildfox co-creators, is still the creative director of the brand, and she's awesome.  
"Inspired by friends, love, camping, dreaming, riding around in cars, driving along the coast, beautiful books, witches, poetry, movies, faeries, dreams, Los Angeles, and the earth, I hope to remind people to be wild, have fun, and get lost in their dreams."
Read her blog I Love Wildfox for some awesome inspirational images!
Image courtesy of I Love Wildfox blog

5) The Quality
It's so amazing to know that not only are Wildfox clothes made in the USA, but Wildfox pride themselves on respecting their employees.  The quality truly shows when you put on a Wildfox garment for the first time, and the hundredth time too!

And finally

6) The Fans
I am not someone who likes an outfit because a celeb has worn it - but it's hard to ignore the fact that so many super stars who have their pick of all the clothes in the world choose to wear Wildfox!  Check out some super stars wearing Wildfox below!

Wildfox Sunglasses and shorts

Lena Dunham

Kate Hudson

Mila Kunis

Emma Roberts

Katy Perry

Jennifer Lopez

Megan Fox

Molly King

Olivia Munn

Taylor Swift

Rose Huntington-Whittely

Pics courtesy of Wildfox Press

I could go on but I'm sure you get my drift by now, right?

These are the reasons I LOVE WILDFOX !

So why not get yourself a little piece and see for yourself?  I promise you'll be hooked!

Tennille   xo

Director, birdmotel.com.au

Happy New Year beautiful!

I'm sure everyone has packed away the tinsel, taken down the tree and is firmly entrenched in the first week of our new year resolutions.....right?

Well we'd like to encourage all you beauties who made a resolution to walk your own path this year.  To embrace your own look, to ignore all the 'rules' of fashion and simply wear what you LOVE!

Feeling edgy?  Why not rock a fashion forward piece?

Feeling casual?  How about a pair of amazing Dream Monstar skinny trackies to keep you comfy and looking amaze?

Feeling feminine?  Who says you can't wear pink sunglasses?

There are NO RULES when it comes to fashion and wearing what makes you happy so take this year by the heels and rock your own look with confidence!