Friday, 14 December 2007

Staying sane...

Here's how I will survive the crazy week leading up to Christmas...
  • Making time to see friends, even though the pile of work on my desk just doesn't seem to shrink
  • Getting a good haircut...good hair equals one less thing to worry about
  • Hugs from the cat
  • Making Rocky Road
  • Gift wrapping purchases in our new black tissue, coloured satin ribbon combo - makes me smile
  • Watching mindless TV on youtube, like the latest ANTM
  • Fresh frangipani flowers on my desk
  • Eating old-skool After Dinner Mints...comforting childhood memories of corduroy, skivvies and intriguing adult laughter, late at night
  • Fresh fruit salad (must have exotic fruit), balances out chocolate indulgence
  • Wearing my lucky Poker Chip necklace by Trinket at all times
  • The soothing sounds of B-Flo live at Abbey Road
  • Creative outlet: winter shoot planning
  • Taking first dibs at new Milk and Honey stock
  • Practising what I preach and shopping online: here, here and here
  • Planning my next trip to the my to start visualising
  • Browsing in book stores, preferably Ariel, probably Borders
  • Losing myself in photographs by Michael E. Gordon and Alicia Bock
  • Speaking to my sisters on the phone
  • Reading other blogs - Hula Seventy always inspires
  • Having a laugh with Dan and Beth....a)when things go wrong b)over Beth's endless Borat and Will Ferrel impersonations c)when things go right
  • Sleep

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