Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Killer Bronchitis

I was feeling a bit crook last week, so I rested Friday and on the weekend. Laying low. Then I went to the Killers concert on Sunday night. Well, what can I say? It was so unreal, just like I expected, and I screamed my lungs out – literally! As I now have full-blown bronchitis and feel like total death.

Do not regret it for a second though. We had pretty good seats, and even though I couldn’t quite make out Brandon’s face, just seeing him jump around the stage in those slim Dior pants and the little Western vest was enough to make me so happy.

My favourite song was Tranquilize, sung with Lou Reed on Sawdust, but live, it was just Brandon’s cool voice accompanied only with Dave on guitar. It was awesome because no one knew the song - everyone belted out all their other tunes at the tops of their voices - so in an auditorium of thousands of people, you could just sit, and listen and hang on every word. Wow.

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