Sunday, 17 May 2009

Harper's Bazaar in the late 90s...

'Surf Report' by Mario Testino, Harper's Bazaar USA, April 1996.

Spent a couple of hours flicking through my collection of US Harper's Bazaar magazines last night. My collection starts in 1994 and ends in 2000, spanning the time Liz Tilberis is credited to turning it around into one of the most influential fashion mags in the world. Of course I also own every issue of British Vogue Liz edited from 88-91...having carted them around like my treasure, breaking my back everytime we move...but I'll revisit those another time.

Every editorial is stunningly shot by countless well-known photographers and styled to perfection largely by SaraJane Hoare, Tonne Goodman, Elissa Santisi and Melanie Ward.

I hope to post some shoots that still to this day re-ignite my love of fashion and that get my creative mind ticking at warp speed.

The shoot above of Kate Moss is titled 'Surf Report' from the April 1996 issue. Photographed by Mario Testino, Kate forever the chameleon, simply radiates from every page as the Californian beach babe. I know that birdmotel has moved on from its original beach-girl roots (which sometimes makes me sad), but if I found the time and money to create another swimwear/surf store, I'd use these pics as the starting point for sure.

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