Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Film Noir by Leibowitz...

I searched and searched for my favourite all time Annie Leibowitz shot, all to no avail. It is of Tom Cruise. I know. But it is the most amazing atmospheric photo of him walking in heavy rain, the kind that slants like a curtain billowing in the wind. The kind from old movies. He wears a dark blue suit with the collar up, his body is slouched but his eyes, his eyes are focused and piercing at the lens. And it is infused with green light that is in so many of Annie's shots.

I love that photo. It makes me so mad that I know that the large format slide is sitting in a photo agency in Sydney, and has been for so many years, and no one has published it here. If anyone owns the copy of Vanity Fair that appeared in the States, let me know!

So instead, here is her series of her photographs called 'Film Noir' featuring some of the biggest celebs in Hollywood. I also have a soft spot for these: the light, the sets, the drama. Brilliant.

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