Sunday, 2 December 2012

4 Easy Beach-Bod Exercises

Beach season is here and are you ready to strut that beach bod?

Here are four easy exercises to strengthen and tone your arms, legs, buttocks and abs just in time for that new bikini. 

Exercise #1 :       Basic Push-Up

Target Areas:  Arms, shoulders, and chest muscle groups.

Lie prone on floor with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise body up off floor by extending arms with body straight. Do not lock elbows. Tighten core.

Keeping body straight, lower body to floor by bending arms forming a 90-degree angle. Push body up until arms are extended. Do 12 reps. Breathe out when you are pushing your body up and breathe in as you lower your body.

Exercise #2:        Triceps Dip

Target Areas: Triceps(back of arms)

Find a chair or bench and grip the edge with each hand with your fingers facing your body. Extend your legs in front and plant your heels.  Tighten core.

Lower body until slight stretch is felt in shoulders. Push body up until arms are straight. Do 12 reps.  Breathe out as you lift your body.

Exercise #3:        Squat

Target Areas:  Thighs, buttocks and hips.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.  Tighten core.

Lower body and terminate the squat when the hip reaches knee level.  Do 12 reps.

Exercise #4:        V-Up

Target Areas:  Abs

Sit on floor or mat. Lie supine with hands on floor over head.

Simultaneously raise straight legs and torso. Reach toward raised feet. Return to starting position. Do 12 reps.

Notes:  Add a cardio workout to your daily exercise routine for the best results.
             Whenever you exercise, always tighten your core/abs.
             Remember to breathe. Exhale when exerting strength to relieve chest pressure.
             Re-hydrate. Proper hydration after a workout is extremely important.

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