Thursday, 15 May 2008

Lovers Electric

Last night I went to along to see Lovers Electric play at the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown. Except, the Sando (as it is known) advised that they had been dropped and could no longer play at the venue. What!?

But you know, sometimes things do happen for a reason. Instead they craftily pasted a sign over the billposter outside the hotel advising that they will be playing down the road, inside a cosy vintage store called Chasing Stella. A big group of us headed down there at 9.30, to be greeted by the band, wine, jelly beans and lighting provided by candles and fairy lights. Sweet. Take that big, smelly ugly pub!

The couple, originally from Adelaide, only just landed in Sydney after a stint in London. Bill has been raving about them for some weeks, and they did not disappoint live, made greater by the intimate space. Eden has great style (probably something to do with the fact that she was a fashion designer in the UK) and David is both talented and lovely.

They even broke for an intermission of bingo….which birdmotel model Louise won. Some people are just born beautiful and lucky!

They have just been signed by Sony and will be releasing an album in July. You can find out more about them or listen to their music on their website

Best part, I got to mix music with vintage shopping. As we staggered out at 12pm, I couldn’t help myself from buying this amazing handbag. Score!

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Anonymous said...

Definitely recommend Lovers Electric... been listening to them this morning. You're on to something Jo! (The bag is hot too!) xx