Thursday, 1 May 2008

Flamingo Sands and One Teaspoon

Flamingo Sands Summer 08, taken from my seat at RAFW

So we are stocking Flamingo Sands for Summer 08, and their RAFW show yesterday confirmed for me that it is 'right' for birdmotel. A lot of the styles I have already placed on strutted down the runway in a flurry of colour and glitter: a rainbow stripe bandeau bikini, a cheeky red and strawberry printed string bikini, and a low slung boyleg bikini in their trademark glossy jungle/ floral collage print. I am suitably excited to have their sexy swim hit our site in September.

The One Teaspoon show started with an amazing animation set to Elton John's Tiny Dancer. Maybe I am a geek for appreciating all the work that would have gone in to it, as no-one else seemed that taken by it??

Even though the seating made it almost impossible to see anything clearly, a couple of things really have stuck in my mind from the One Tea collection:
A jersey pink mini dress with dangly ties
Black leather shorts
Super baggy 3/4 cuffed pants
Those gladiator boots and shoes (will find out if they plan to produce them next week at my private showing)

Going to check out the show that Talulah are taking part in later this afternoon. They are getting quite a bit of press and am considering them for birdmotel. Would love to know if anyone has any thoughts. Has anyone heard of them?

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