Friday, 15 November 2013

OMG!  Far too long between Blog posts but I can tell you why...

We've been busy bees working away at our Summer 13 Shopalog!  

We're totes (yes we just used the word 'totes' but we promise to retire it soon)  obsessed with Pinterest, so our Summer 13 Shopalog is inspired but this amazing virtual scrapbooking phenomenon - here is a sneek peak at a page in progress...

A collage of all things we love about Summer, fashion and friendship.  

It's also the launch of the latest addition to Birdmotel, the opportunity for you to 'Shop your mood'! 

 That's right, we know that we like to express our feelings through our fashion and one day we might feel pretty and feminine, but the next we might feel edgy and cool.   

Birdmotel object to people and companies who try and put is in a box style-wise and tell us what we should wear.   We know every girl is a combination of lots of different styles and likes to rock different looks on different days.  

We firmly believe that if you love it, wear it.  

Since you love it you'll feel amazing in it and that confidence is the most beautiful thing in the world!

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