Thursday, 19 September 2013

New York Fashion Week

WAKE UP!  Wow, that was a long rest between blogs!  Well no more snoozing, it's time to get back in the saddle, so to speak, we're just bursting with inspiring images we want to share!

New York Fashion Week, are there any other combinations of four little words that evoke such excitement, such anticipation and those special butterflies in your stomach?  Well maybe 'go get the ice cream' but that's a whole other blog.  Seriously, have you ever tried Gelato Messina on Crown St in Sydney?  Oops, digressing...

New York Fashion Week (or NYFW as we'll call it from here on in as let's face it, that's a lot to type) is simply the most 'cool' fashion week of them all.  Paris has sophistication, London has creativity, Milan has opulence, but NYFW quite simply has cool.

Here are our favourite looks from NYFW......

The make up and nails of the Blonds show

                                                        (image Huffington post)

Nicole Miller's Space Age inspiration
                                                       (image ibitimes)

ARGHmazing knits from Rag and Bone

                                                        (image yahoonews)

Betsey Johnson, as usual, fantastically fun

                                                       (image yahoonews)

VB rocking a culotte no nobody's business

                                           (image yahoonews)

and her front row *sigh*
                                           (image nydailynews)

Alexa Chung in animal print and sequin


Diana von Furstenberg, short skirts and bold colour!

                                           (image fabsugar)

Statement Sunglasses are so hot right now!

                                              (image dallasnews)

Crop tops are here to stay, hooray!

                                           (image Eonline)

This year was definitely the year of the blogger, and they lookied F. I. N. E !


And finally, the amazing celebration of fashion that are the street style looks of NYC.  We could go on forever but will have to stop at just these few to feast your fashion eyes on.....enjoy!



                                                                   (image frillsandthrills)

ok, girl crush!
                                                                      (image fabsugar)

                                                 (image citizensoffashion)

Ok, just one more because they're so CUTE!
                                                              (image le-21eme)

Ok maybe just one more because we can't get enough of monochrome!

                                                               (image frillsandthrills)

And seriously this time, it's the last one.  Just because, well....overalls :)
                                                               (image fashionista)

And that's a wrap!  See you soon for our favourite looks from London Fashion Week!  Can't wait!


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