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The Lola vs. Harper label erupted into the fashion market in January 2011 and hasn't looked back since! It reaches our desires, our wants and our needs.

There is a playful story behind the Lola vs. Harper brand and it goes like this...

"The Lola girl expresses herself through fashion. She aspires to be a little fashion savvy, yet with a hint of quirkiness".

 Lola is "into alternative ways of living, being and expression herself, she aspires to be a little left of centre, to cause change and leave her mark. She's part tomboy, part wild child, part thinker, part heart breaker. Down to earth and playful, she is part trouble-maker, park the girl next door." 

 Lola is a free spirited and rebellious soul.

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BW: What is the inspiration behind the label?

LVH: “The label draws inspirations from creative and artistic designs as well as trends transcending from around the world. Each range is playful, both edgy and wearable; the epitome of rebellious cool.”
“It is all about the LVH girl! Style inspiration comes from the likes of Erin Wasson or Mary Kate and Ashleigh and trickles down to the real girl, fashion bloggers; who have this knack of putting it all together.”

BW: When you create something, what goes through your mind?
Who/what/when/where and how would I wear this?

LVH: “I try and create a collection that easily goes together, and can mix black with basic staples to create the perfect wardrobe that you don’t have to think about too much when you get dressed!”

BW: Do you have admiration for any famous designer(s)? Why?

LVH: “My top 5 designers change each season, but I’m loving where Cassette Society, and ACNE have taken street wear;  Proenza Schouler and Peter Pilotto have been favorites for a while, and I’m drawn to sharp tailoring and undeniable hotness. I love Haider Ackermann for amazing colour inspiration.”

BW: Do you have a preference to the types of fabrics you love to work with?  
Do you carry a notebook/sketchbook around with you or is everything in your head?

LVH: “I really love all fabrics, and get so excited in finding new, cool discoveries. I am drawn to metallics at the moment, from denim to knitwear, but anything that is not run-of-the-mill always creates a new surge of ideas. I love fabric development and textile design; we always have our own prints in each collection.”

“I used to carry a notebook, but now it’s all done on scraps of recycled paper! Because of the fast pace in which we turn around a collection, I have just a short time to design each range. I will sit for a week or so just to draw on endless bits of paper until I gather them all up and put them into fabrics, colours and prints. It’s a fun process!”

BW: What inspired your collection? Is it easy to come up with new designs?

LVH: “I don’t design each range based on trends, so it’s more the fact that the fabrics inspire the collection, and the colour palette. Yes, it is easy to come up with new designs as I really get the LVH girl (being surrounded by them at HO!). “

BW: The label is relatively new, but has quickly spiralled out into the hearts of everyone, what are your plans for the future?

LVH: “Yes that is very true. We have some very exciting things happening; we just signed distributor in Hong Kong. We will be selling into Asia from Spring/Summer 2013!”

BW: Lola seems to have an element in all of us; is the behind the label story, fiction or reality?

LVH:I think it is very much a reality. The Lola girl expresses herself through fashion. She aspires to be a little fashion savvy, yet with a hint of quirkiness. She is into alternative ways of living, being and expressing herself, she aspires to be a little left of centre, to cause change and leave her mark. She’s part tomboy, part wild-child, part thinker, and part heartbreaker. Down to earth and playful, she is part trouble-maker, and part the girl-next-door.”

BW: In your earlier years, how did you decide that you eventually wanted to become a designer?

LVH: “I was always creative and artistic, so I knew I was headed down that path. I guess I didn’t quite decide what it was that I was truly passionate about until I started at college; I’ve never looked back. Fashion is so fun!”

BW: What do you have to say to the next generation, particularly for those hoping to follow in your footsteps?

LVH “Fashion is not as glamorous as what you might think. It takes a tough person to survive, but if you are passionate about it, you won’t even notice! Working in a job you love is like not having to work at all!”

BW: Any new or upcoming project(s) you are working on that you’d like to share with us?

LVH: “Oh you will have to wait and see. We are going to be launching the start of Autumn/Winter 2013 with a fabulous new designer so I know big things are going to come.

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 Finally............"Lola has a paper heart. She loves too much and hurts too deep. Looking back she really should have listened to Marilyn- "a wise girl kissed but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe and leave before she is left"   Marilyn Munroe

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