Sunday, 14 September 2008

New York Favourites...

Hippie, off-key pastels, waisted belts, white lace.

Black in jersey, sexy dresses, shiny 70s jumpsuits.

Grey with neutrals, sporty, slouchy, low crotch.

Pure white: take it either modern or romantic.

My favourite show: Alexander Wang


Anonymous said...

Everything that i've seen from NY so far has been beautiful. Well most of it anyway.
I'm loving the 'white' so much - was so inspired i even bought a white dress today which is a HUGE step for me.
By a designer called Valerie Tolosa... sweet sweet stuff! Her bits and bobs are so floaty and dreamy - they remind me of the Virgin Suicides.
Check it out here:
it's the White Sasha Jersey Dress.
I bought a cute pale blue vest to wear with it too!
Now i just need somewhere special to wear my outfit such as a hot date or the like...*sigh*.
What colour shoes best go with a white dress oh wise one?


Hi Mariam! That dress is really beautiful. I like tan/nude coloured leather with white, but a subtle metallic shoe could also be pretty. Let's catch up soon! Jo xoxo