Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Have a good feeling about 2008. Shared the last night of 2007 with Dan, and our friends Bill and JM, at the Gazebo Wine Bar in the Cross. JM thought the place had a very NY vibe. She wore a very cute green dress from Morrison. I went for volume in the end, with a $20 smocked brown paisley silk dress from the Byron Bay Markets, so I could eat and eat.

Because I am an addicted to lists, I have jotted down some of my goals for 08:
  • Read more books, rather than mags
  • See more live gigs (off to a good start with this one - already have tickets to see Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire this month)
  • Eat less grease
  • Style a music video (don't forget me Bill!)
  • Organise another trip to the US, this time make it to New York
  • Buy something from the APC online store
  • Create new magazine sections for Bird Motel
  • Have us featured in Lucky USA
  • Make less lists

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